10 of our favourite businesses near you

Now more than ever, we need to support our small and local businesses. According to data from Yelp, 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent. This means that your favorite little pizza shop or local artisan will most likely be permanently replaced by large chains that can afford to weather the storm. If this conjures up the image of Meg Ryan putting away books in “The Shop Around The Corner” then you get the picture. Btw that was a reference to everyone’s favourite Norah Ephron film You’ve Got Mail. The intention behind the Shop Local – Shop Small movement is not just a seasonal campaign, but an evergreen way to preserve the heart and soul of our communities. While this curated list of incredible BIPOC owned businesses below provides us with amazing gifting Ideas, we encourage you to think of them the next time you reach for your wallet.

United Kingdom

Goodman Factory

Goodman Factory (pronounced GOOD-MAN) is a premium men’s grooming line. They believe that taking care of our hair is about more than just folicular maintenance, it is the first step in a self love practice. 

Why We Love Them

Spreading the message of self care and self love to men of colour is something that we can get behind. Men, ((and)) specifically black men, are often underserved or not represented in the wellness category. Thanks to brands like Goodman Factory this is changing.

What We Love

GOODMAN BEARD £17.99/$24.33 USD

“A unique mix of the finest pure ingredients. Goodman’s oil harnesses the natural goodness of Grapeseed, Jojoba and mixed essential oils that leaves your beard and skin feeling softer, frizz-free, smoother than ever and as tame as can be. Finally Goodman Beard Oil is scented with our very own natural Goodman Arabian Oud.”


“The Goodman Beard Brush is specially crafted for both short and long length beards. Our bristles are gentle on your facial hair and skin. A lifetime brush to promote a soft beard & stimulate blood flow to the facial hair follicles.”

Lola’s apothecary

Lola’s Apothecary Is a thoughtfully curated online shop offering spa-quality, small batch products.

“Wishing to combine his passions for Spa, wellness & nature into one holistic vision,  [Founder and Owner] Dominic set out to create a range of couture natural beauty, spa & wellness wonders, to be handmade by inspired artisans on his picturesque family estate.”

Why We Love Them

Based in Devon, Shire Country, Lola’s Apothecary delivers the best of natural countryside relaxation in a bottle. With a powerful focus on healing, each of their  products are packed with soothing ingredients.

What We Love

Monsoon Paradise Illuminating Body & Massage Oil  £45.00/ $60.85 USD

“At the heart of this Body & Massage Oil is Monsoon Paradise. Welcome an exotic feast of citrus, amyris & lisylang heart in our sophisticated jasmine escape. An enchanting indulgence through subtly refined rose notes drifting toward an exquisite aromatherapeutic island dream”

Breath of Clarity Uplifting Body Polish £32.00/ $43.27 USD

“At the ZEN-tering heart of this Body Polish is Breath of Clarity, our yoga & meditation fragrance. This scent infuses your senses like a fresh breeze, with eucalyptus, rosemary & sweet marjoram at its herbaceous core, uplifted by the joy of peppermint and lemon. Also works wonders for blocked sinuses & aching muscles! All our 100% natural fragrances are composed of the finest pure essential oils.”

Ships Internationally 

Las Olas

Las Olas are uk based spiced rum distillers serving a unique and premium product. In an  interview he did with Observer Magazine, Rapper Stormzy named Las Olas as one of his top rum brands of 2019.  In a time where travel is limited their rum will have you smelling that fragrant island air. 

Why We Love Them

When you combine smooth, sweet and spicy rum with beautiful and sleek packaging you cannot go wrong. In January the brand will be introducing a subscription plan.

What we Love

Las Olas Premium Spiced Rum £35.00/ $60.00 USD

“A smooth finish created using a blend of unaged pot still white rums from Barbados and Jamaica, which is then spiced in the UK using notes of vanilla, gold cherry, roasted coffee beans and more.”

Ships across the UK


Jolly Cut Cocktail co.

Jolly Cut Cocktail Co. is a premium line of cocktail syrups and bitters. Named after the historic Jolley Cut mountain access road in Hamilton Ontario, this brand is proudly Canadian. They make creating luxe restaurant-quality cocktails at home simple and easy.

Why We Love Them

 High-quality ingredients, beautiful branding, tasty flavours and sustainable glass packaging. Each jolly Cut Cocktail Co. syrup comes in apothecary-style, vintage-inspired bottles that makes a great addition to any bar cart. At $48 Cdn. ($37 Usd.) for all four syrups in the range, their products are very fairly priced.

What We Love

Juniper & Cedar Tonic Syrup $15.00 CAD/11.79 USD

8oz – 237ml = 16 cocktails

“Jolly Cut Tonic Syrup is great for both gin & tonics and non-alcoholic drinks. This delicious craft syrup is made with juniper & cedar, so you won’t miss the gin. You can add as much or as little syrup to control the sweetness of your drink. Get creative with cocktail ideas and embrace the botanical flavours. The beautiful orange hue comes from natural cinchona bark, which is the distinctive bitter flavour of tonic.”

Smoked Old Fashioned Syrup $15.00 CAD/11.79 USD

8oz – 237ml = 16 cocktails

“Punch up your Old Fashioned with a serious smokey kick. The base for the aromatic bitters in this syrup is smokey Islay Scotch whisky.  A blend of demerara, pure cane sugar, orange and our own smokey bitters.”

Ships across Canada

Indigo Arrows

Indigo Arrows create beautiful homewares, linens and pillows inspired by their Anishinaabe ancestors. They work to reclaim Indigenous art by bringing it out of museums and into our homes.

Why We Love Them

Indigo Arrows produces thoughtful small-batch products; every item being of the highest quality, specially made and unique.  

What We Love

Copper Arrows pillow $109.00 USD

“The Copper Arrows lumbar pillow is 15″ x 34″, made of 100% pre-washed linen, and hand-printed with non-toxic ink”

Grandmother Moon Quilt $364.00 USD

“A cozy addition to your living space! This mini quilt measures 36″x48″. Made with 3 colours of pre-washed linen, including our Bezhig pattern.”

Ships Internationally

Apprenti Ôr’ganik 

Apprenti Ôr’ganik is a luxurious therapeutic body care line made with Canadian Hemp Seed and natural organic ingredients. This Montreal based, family-owned business believes that less is more; all ingredients are simple and naturally derived “From The Earth to Your Skin”.

Why We Love Them

They boast a decadent line of 100% organic, hemp-infused products; from their cannabis oil elixir to their herbal detox bar. All products in the range exclude; synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulphate, animal testing, petroleum and mineral oils.

What We Love

Cannabis Oil Elixir $34 CAD/$26.75 USD

“Our truly organic Canadian hemp seed oil [works] to moisturize and help regulate the skin’s oil production. Organic Rosehip oil rich in fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Organic Carrot Seed oil for its carotene and vitamin A content. “

WEST INDIES- Eau de Parfum $28 CAD/$22.00USD

“Paired with the power of Squalane this Elixir contains; our new 100% natural unisex perfume made with the gentle, woody with a hint of pepper/ginger aroma of the Amyris. A small, bushy and evergreen tree native to Haiti where it grows wild”

Ships Internationally


GOODEE World is the latest successful venture for Dexter and Byron Peart formerly of Want Les Essentiels. This time the brothers partnered with the UN’s ethical fashion initiative and a collection of global artisans to bring you beautifully crafted homewares.

Why We Love Whem

They seek to attract the conscious consumer; someone who is concerned with the social and environmental impact of their purchases. They are proud members of the 1% for the planet initiative, in which they donate at least a minimum of 1% of every sale to support environmental non-profit organizations.

Things That We Love

Tapestry Blanket V08 by VISO $220.00 USD

“Muted earth tones in rust, gold and merlot seem to be suspended against a night sky in this subdued tapestry. Hand-crafted by expert artisans, this blanket is woven from 100% cotton.”

Bassi Market Tote – Orange & Blue Stripe $199.00 USD

“Whether to store your laptop or fine foods from the farmers’ market, the Bassi Market Tote is a bag you’ll carry with pride. Ethically handcrafted by refugees in Italy using handwoven fabric from Burkina Faso, this everyday carryall is truly a vessel for positive change.” 

Ships Internationally 


United States

ENZI Footwear 

ENZI Footwear is your source for premium handcrafted leather sneakers. Every last piece of an ENZI shoe is cut by hand and hand-lasted in Ethiopia.

Why We Love Them

First off, ENZI makes beautiful shoes celebrated by the likes of CNN and GQ. We Love their message “ENZI is a premium footwear brand that is part of a new narrative of African creativity, craftsmanship and enterprise.”

What We Love


“The Nkrumah is a deconstructed take on a classic mid-cut that’s designed for comfort and versatility.”


“One of our original designs is a premium upgrade to a timeless classic sneaker. Ethically handcrafted in Ethiopia from full-grain leather and perforated suede.”

Ships Internationally 


Round21 sees the humble game of ping pong “as a cultural glue between the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB locker rooms and clubhouses to life.” Each ping-pong paddle and mini hoop design is the result of a collaboration with a talented artist.

“The design, color and story create a visual playground that reflects today’s generation of players.”

Why We Love Them

With the release of each product, customers also get introduced to an emerging Illustrator, visual artist or graphic designer. These pong paddles are just as much pieces of art as they are sporting paraphernalia.

What We Love

PLAYPAL Paddle $115 USD

“Playpal is part of the Brightside collection and brings to life the designer’s son’s love of the playground. The ergonomic signature ramp grip is the foundation of every round21 paddle creating a first-of-its-kind comfort and control.”

“Miami Vibes”Mini Hoop $59 USD

“Introducing the latest edition to round21’s offering: The mini hoop performance backboard. This basketball backboard design is called “Miami Vibes,” by artist SURGE. Miami based artist, “SURGE” (Sergio Quinonez) brings out the fiery passion, energy, and attitude from the games played in the around sand and sun.”

Ships Internationally 


“Flare (-ups), meet flair” Topical is the sustainable minority owned targeted skincare brand we’ve all been waiting for.  With their stunning packaging and highly effective list of ingredients, this small beauty brand is quickly carving out their niche in the market. 

Why We Love Them

Founders Olamide and Claudia both grew up with skin concerns that they didn’t see represented in mainstream media, Topicals is changing that. Their Instagram feed features a diverse group of images of real people with real acne, how refreshingly human.

What We Love


“Great for sun-damaged and scarred skin, this gel serum fades your most stubborn marks, scars, and spots so that you can kick back and let your worries fade away. Faded is gentle enough for those experiencing hyperpigmentation and erythema that can’t tolerate more aggressive acids, and is never bleaching!”


For itchy gurls – great for dry, sensitive and/or eczema-prone skin, this thick, whipped mask is packed with powerful botanicals for skin so smooth it’s like butter. Like Butter helps to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, soothe irritation and inflammation, and smooth dry, textured skin. It’s creamy without feeling greasy or heavy, and works great for flare-ups on other areas of the body as well! 

Ships Internationally