Conservation International
Conservation International

Our Commitment

At S’ABLE LABS, we believe the most important relationship that we can have is with planet earth.

From day one, we seek to establish practices that protect our community and our environment. What does this mean?

We believe that true sustainability
is born out of empathy, and it is with empathy
that we choose to conduct our business.

This means approaching sustainability systemically, tracking a product’s lifecycle from production to disposal. This means building and maintaining an ethical supply chain and reducing the use of toxic ingredients and unnecessary packaging.

We recognize that transparency is key to establishing healthy relationships, and our promise to our community is just that. Through regular reporting and research, we seek to hold ourselves accountable.

We are committed to learning and growing our environmental practices as we evolve as a brand. We are excited for our community to grow with us.

A Letter from Conservation International

Our world is beset by crises. A global pandemic continues to overwhelm our health systems. Prominent cases of police brutality have forced a long overdue reckoning with systemic racism’s many forms. And a changing climate threatens to make a fifth of the planet uninhabitable in the next fifty years – while already impacting hundreds of millions today.

These outcomes were never inevitable. They are the cumulative result of choices made over decades and centuries. And underlying all of these choices is the assumption that we can ignore our relationship with nature and our relationships with each other.

We have heard this belief take many different forms. It tells us that economic growth is fundamentally incompatible with the protection of nature. It assumes that what we throw away has no bearing on the life in our oceans. And it insists that our emissions could not possibly alter the stability of our climate.

Today, it is all too easy for us to see the evidence refuting these statements. An ignored relationship is a neglected relationship. A neglected relationship is an unhealthy one – something that becomes startlingly clear with every extinction of a species, every cataclysmic storm, and every extreme drought.

The good news is that it is not too late for us to restore our relationships with people and with nature. But first we must change our assumptions.

We must reject the mindsets that put nature and people at odds with each other. We must seek out products that support sustainable ways of life around the world. We must promote practices that keep habitats intact. And we must commit ourselves to creating societies that are just and equitable in all forms.

Always remember that protecting nature is really about protecting ourselves. Our choices matter. Our relationships matter. Let us all choose to reinvigorate the most significant relationships in our lives – the one between humans and the planet we call home.

M. Sanjayan
Chief Executive Officer
of Conservation International

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